Pre K Classroom Setup (13)

Welcome PRE-K 3 !!

We have had a great time meeting new friends and learning to share our classroom toys!  We will be focusing this year on beginning to learn our Alphabet letters and sounds, Numbers 1-10 and beyond as well as our Shapes and Colors. We learn through play and have a ton of fun exploring various mediums.   Our preschool class loves to participate in all aspects of St. Patrick Catholic School activities!  Our weekly schedule incorporates Mass, Physical Education, Technology, Music, Spanish, Library and Art into our regular curriculum.
Pre K Classroom Setup (10)







Pre K Classroom Setup (1)







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First Day of Pre K 2016-17 (2)








First Day of Pre K 2016-17 (1)






























Our Beliefs:

We are a Catholic School Grades Pre-K 3 – 8th Grade under the guidance of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. The core beliefs of our school are: 

  • *  God is central
  • *  Every person is unique and valuable
  • *  Every person will learn
  • *  Christ is the way


  • These beliefs are incorporated into everything we do and are critical to our school faculty, families and students success!
Thank you for trusting us to love your child as Jesus loves them.  I pray that as we continue to build on this wonderful start, that your child feels valued and special and not only learns the skills needed but also how wonderful they are in God’s eyes.


PRE-K 3 Teacher:     Mrs. Elaine Luker
                Assistant:  Mr. Justin Trowbridge