Welcome to fifth grade! Homework is listed below.
We are still low on tissues, eraser tops, disinfectant wipes, pencils, and dry erase markers so if anyone can send in a donation, it’s appreciated!!
thanks in advance :)
Enterprise Village-March 27**We need more chaperones!  Please consider volunteering for this trip.  It’s a great experience.  

TESTS THIS WEEK: Spelling test Friday


MOnday, Feb 20:  student choice: spelling sentences or spelling trees; read 20 minutes

Tuesday, Feb 21: math handout p 92; read 20 min 

Wednesday, Feb 22:  math p. 277#16-25; read 20 min

Thursday, Feb 23:  study spelling; read 20 min

Spelling words this week:  (Greek and latin roots)

geography, dislocate, manufacture, locality, evacuate, allocate, benefactor, graphic, populated, photograph, location, vacate, popular, vacant, population, graphite, vacancy, factory, vacation, autograph

Remember, you can always be working on IXL when you have extra time!  

Skills to focus on:

Math:  decimals

Lang arts:  prefixes, suffixes, and grammar patterns, punctuation