St. Patrick Catholic School was opened on September 3, 1959 by the founder of St. Patrick Catholic Church, Father John Scully. The school initially housed grades one through three and was run by the Sisters of Mercy from Worchester, Massachusetts. The first three months of classes were conducted in temporary quarters located in empty store fronts on Indian Rocks Road North. It was not until December of the same year that the permanent building located at 1507 Trotter Road, would be ready for occupancy.

During the first few years, portable buildings were added to accommodate the steadily increasing enrollment. By September 1964, the school consisted of grades one through eight, the enrollment had grown to 385, and there were twelve functioning classrooms. A second floor to the original school was added in 1965 to accommodate this large growth. This provided the school with eight additional classrooms. During the 1966-1967 school years it became necessary to limit registrations to the school. Over the next few years, the number of students was gradually reduced to 254. This helped to reduce the need for classrooms to just eight and allowed the portables to be utilized as the library, the science lab, and a physical education room.

St. Patrick Catholic School was accredited for the first time by the Florida Catholic Conference on March 8, 1974. In the process of implementing recommendations made by the accrediting team, a kindergarten was added in September 1974. Staffing also saw an increase that included two physical education instructors, a full time librarian, a science teacher, and a music teacher.

In the 1980’s an active Parents’ Club provided financial assistance and a period of ongoing improvement was imitated in the school and on the grounds. Renovations began in 1985 to accommodate grades six through eight, a science lab, and a computer lab into what was formerly the convent. St Patrick held its first classes in this new Middle School building on March 3, 1986. That summer, renovations were also made in the main building to accommodated kindergarten through grade five and a faculty room for the teachers.

In the 1990’s St. Patrick underwent more renovations. The administrative office and a clinic were added along with carpeting each classroom, new desks and furniture, and a public address system that networked both buildings. This period also saw the renovation of the two original portable classrooms. These portables contained the media center, an art room, and an extended day room for after care.

In 1999 plans were made to add an additional building to St. Patrick. The Jubilee Building was opened in the fall of the 2000-2001 school year. It now houses a fully equipped art room complete with functioning kiln, a large classroom, a music room equipped with mirrors and risers, a new large library, and a 35 station state of the art computer lab.

St. Patrick seeks to continue to improve the quality of the environment experienced by our students. Under the direction of Mrs. Therese Hernandez, plans were made to open a Pre K. The upgrading of the Computer Lab took place thanks to the generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Demeurs.

During the summer of 2008, the school was completely fenced in as recommended by the visiting team during the Accreditation visit.

As we celebrate over 55 years, we continue to involve the greater Largo community in our dedication to Catholic children and families.

Principals of St. Patrick

Sr. Mary Perpetua

Sr. Mary Mercedes

Sr. Mary Lucia

Sr. Rose Aliquo

Sr. Gertrude Moran

Mrs. Patricia Coyle

Mr. Edward Andrade

Mrs. Therese Hernandez

Sr. Veronica Visceglia, SSND

Mr. Keith Galley